Thinking About Buying Or Selling? Then Hire An Agent.

Buying or selling a home can be a process that will make your head swim. Hiring someone who's job it is to help you sell or buy a home will make the ordeal much more manageable. Here are ten reasons why you should hire a realtor today.

1. They say knowledge is power. Well, it's not in this situation.

Knowing what your home is worth is great. With just a few clicks of your mouse, you could easily find out with you think your home is worth. But that's just it: it's what YOU think your home is worth, not necessarily what the market values your home to be. A realtor knows the market, and can help you get a fair price for your home. Definitely a good reason to hire one as soon as you decide what to do with your home.

2. At the end of the day, your realtor knows more about the market.

Simply put, as a seller, you probably don't know what buyers are thinking about when they look at your home. Real estate agents do. And if you're a buyer, telling your agent what you're looking for allows them to present multiple options for you that are within your price range. It's a win-win scenario.

3. Agents are battle-tested.

Even though that might be a bit exaggerated, agents know how to solve any problems that may come up in the home buying and/ or home selling process. There's a saying that goes if a real estate agent isn't solving problems, then they aren't an agent. You want someone in your corner that will get you the best house possible. That's what agents are here for.

4. Agents excel at overcoming objections.

They are able to get potential buyers to go from "just looking" to closing on a deal to buy or sell their homes because of the connections they have, as well as their knowledge of the market. They know why certain types of buyers buy certain homes, and how to best serve your interests.

5. Effective negotiation skills are key for a good agent.

Negotiating for buying or selling a home can be a crazy and unpredictable process. Having a third party involved to help you separate emotion from facts and act as a buffer between you and the buyer/seller will not only help in the negotiations, but will help you in the long run as well.

6. Surprise is never a good thing when it comes to buying or selling.

A good agent walks you through all the steps necessary of buying or selling a property. There are many steps that you must go through, and a top-notch agent guides you through these critical phases before entering the market to save you time, headaches and hassle before going onto the open market.

7. Expert marketing will help you sell your home.

Image is everything, especially in today's social media saturated world. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more will help you sell your home even quicker. A real estate firm has a marketing team whose job it is to help you sell your home. With their expertise, getting a deal on your home or the home you want will be even easier.

8. Social media exposure is everything.

Tying into marketing, social media exposure is huge. Having pictures and videos of your home all over social media sites just increases your home's visibility tenfold. Your agent's marketing team knows how to show your home all over these sites. Let them do just that.

9. Agents have the connections you desperately need.

Ever heard of the six degrees of Kevin Bacon? Well, your agent has the same effect. They know about properties that are not on the market yet, not to mention a small army of support staff of handymen, painters, marketing gurus, and more. Just another reason to hire an agent if you need to sell or buy a home.

10. Agents are your best friend when it comes to selling your home. Period.

They have the expertise and experience to be both your trusted point person and advisor. They've been through thick and thin, and genuinely want to make sure that you get the best possible outcome of the home selling process. If you want to make sure that you end up on the right side of a deal, hire an agent.


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