Spring Cleaning Hacks


Spring is here! So, in between dust and pollen build up, here are some simple cleaning hacks for the busiest areas in the house.


1. Scrub away soap scum and bathtub rings with pulverized eggshells or other natural abrasives around the house.

2. Use floss to get tough grime stains around the faucet or toilet handle.

3. Refresh old plastic shower curtains and linens by throwing them in with towels in the wash. Rehang them to dry.


1. To polish stainless steel silverware, rub each utensil with a thick baking soda paste. Rinse, and dry well.

2. Clean and gently sanitize wood chopping blocks and cutting blocks, rub with a lemon and/or a homemade bleach.

3. To clean the inside of glassware and bottles, use uncooked rice. Sprinkle 1/4 cup along with a few tablespoon of water and a couple drops of dish soap. Cap and swish until clean.

Living Area:

1. When dusting, use a partially damp cloth and a small bit of soap instead of a feather duster. It will dust and buff at the same time!

2. Remove crayon and marker stains on wood surfaces with rubbing alcohol. Get a slightly damp cloth and rub until clean. It will not damage the wood and/or finish.

3. Sprinkle baking soda all over the sofa and let sit for an hour. Afterward, vacuum the leftover baking soda.



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