4 Reasons Not to Sell Your Home on Your Own

Selling your home on your own has become a popular option for homeowners due to the rise of websites like Zillow. Now, unlicensed homeowners have access to a quick snapshot of what is on MLS and can use Zillow to gain exposure to potential buyers. With such easy access to the market, why should you still decide to list with an agent? In this short article we will give you four of the main reasons it's better to hire an agent than sell your home yourself despite the cost of commission.

1. You Net More Money with an Agent. 

There are many websites that will generate a price or estimate for a homeowner. However, what many people don't realize is that these sites can be very inaccurate, causing homeowners to miss out on hundreds or even thousands of dollars in profit. A real estate agent is able to use their access to MLS to do an in-depth Comparative Market Analysis to find the true value of the home. This CMA takes more factors into account than an automatic site. It also allows for human judgement and research.

2. Your Agent Has a Network of Their Own.

You may think your network is large, but if you list your home with an agent that is part of a large company, like Keller Williams, your home will be exposed to a huge network of agents. Many of these agents will have buyers who are looking for a home just like your home! Listing your house on your own causes you to miss out on this big opportunity. Additionally, most agents won't be searching on Zillow or FSBO sites for homes for their buyers because they use MLS for home searches.

3. You are Saved Time and Energy. 

Your agent will coordinate everything from pictures to showings and open houses. When you list your home yourself, you are coordinating every detail of the process. If time is money, imagine how much money you are actually saving by hiring an agent!

4. You are Unprotected. 

Hiring a real estate agent is a measure you should take to protect yourself. A homeowner selling on their own has to be extremely cautious against getting in business with the wrong people. Buyers will typically have a buyers agent with them. It is beneficial to have someone to fight on your side for the price and terms that you want! Plus, agents who are experienced will be able to guide you through a difficult closing. Difficult inspections, appraisals and financing are very common in real estate transactions, causing many FSBOs to loose their sale before it's even completed.


If a real estate agent could show you how they could net you more money even after their commission is paid, would you list your home with an agent or by yourself? Take that first step and reach out to us today to find out what your home is really worth!

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