3 Myths about Real Estate Agents


As real estate agents, we have heard countless "myths" about what we do and who we are. Many people have had bad experiences with realtors, which disappoints us greatly! As we say, "not all realtors are created equal". We hope this article will give you hope that there are good, honest, and hard working realtors out there!

Myth #1: Realtors are just trying to make a sale and will lie or stretch the truth to do so. 

Not true! While sales are very important to realtors, integrity and honesty should be much more important and preserved at all costs. As agents, customer experience is the foundation of our business. Dishonesty is morally wrong, but it also causes us to fail in giving our customers what they deserve: the complete truth. Many companies, such as Keller Williams, have checks and balances in place to ensure that their agents are acting honestly and within legal boundaries.

Myth #2:  Realtors are rich and don't deserve a 3% commission. 

Many people hesitate to list with an agent because they feel that they don't work hard enough to earn a 3% commission. However, they don't see the behind the scenes of what an agent does! All agents have overhead expenses from the broker they are employed with and many of them have expenses from their businesses. One percent of an agent's commission will typically go towards these expenses. Another one percent of the commission will go towards photography, staging, and marketing on the listing agent's side, or gas and time for the buyer's agent side. This leaves the agents with the remaining one percent of commission to feed their families and cover their personal expenses.

Myth #3: Realtors have it easy. Don't they just drive people around and show properties? 

Realtors do so much more than show clients properties. Building a real estate business takes years of hard work, long hours, and constant marketing. For most real estate agents, their business is their livelihood, therefore, they have to consistently work hard to keep their income steady. Additionally, most agents are working at night and over the weekends when their clients are available. To be an agent, you must be able to work with people during some of the most emotional and stressful times of their lives. After a house goes under contract, agents work hard to get it to closing by scheduling inspections and appraisals, as well as making sure that everything gets completed by the title company and lenders on time.


Many realtors work very hard to serve their clients to the best of their abilities. While these myths may be based on actual experiences with agents, know that there are agents out there that have higher standards. And some of them are right here in your neighborhood!

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